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CRISIL credit rated, financially remarkable manufacturer of Camphor Tablets.. 

An Introduction

Camphor which has a chemical formula of C10H16O is a highly flammable, waxy and white/ transparent solid. It is insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol, identified in the world for its strong aroma. It finds its several uses, in temples & homes during worship rituals to making olyvinyl chloride, stabilizing smokeless gunpower pyrotechnics and in medicines of cough relief, anti-infectives and rubefacient medications. After well studying about its properties, uses and analyzing the business markets of it, Mr. Nayaz Hasan (Director), started a company which manufactures and sells Camphor. The address board of the company states its name as Pavitra Enterprises and a location, which is well famous in Muzaffarpur of Bihar. A dexterous team carries out the operations of the organization and makes it challenge the leaders of the market as a manufacturer of pure camphor tablets, camphor balls, camphor slabs, and other camphor products. In many quantity packs, our firm offers its products that are matchless in terms of their quality properties and attributes.

Camphor Market of India and Reasons Behind Its Growth:

As per a recent survey, Camphor Tablet market was valued at US$ 93.9 Mn. The heavy demand of this product from several areas assures high growth of the industry and it is expected that by the end of 2022, it will become an industry of worth US$ 145.6 Mn. Currently this market is growth at a CAGR of 7.6%, reason behind such whooping growth are several uses of camphor, some of them are:
  • Used in medical industry for getting relief from swelling & pain, reducing cough & congestion and relaxing worn out muscles
  • It is considered holy and sacred stuff and hence used in several religious rituals for offering to the god
  • To keep insects and moths away from crops, it is used in agriculture farms.
  • Camphor is highly used in household activities to keep away insects and reptiles
  • Added as an ingredient in many skin & hair care products
Camphor Production Process at Pavitra Enterprises

Camphor is originally obtained from camphor laurel, popularly called Kapoor Tree in Asian countries. Apart from this, there is a synthetic camphor production process in which it is produced from turpentine oil. Our experts being well aware of its properties including molar mass, odor, density, melting & boiling point, appearance and solubility in water, alcohol & several other liquids, prepare the composition. In our premise, under completely controlled environment, processing work of camphor is done. Here we have several containers, boilers, mixers and many other facilities that help us in making the offerings. To make tablets of right shape & size, we use moulds of high quality.